Preschool Program

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Our preschool program for three to five-year-olds is a program in conjunction with the Regional Office of Education. There are two preschool classrooms that use a creative curriculum, work sampling, and Illinois Early Learning standards to give each student the opportunities they need for success. Through this program, it is our vision to create a consistent educational program for our children, as well as provide all tools possible so that our children succeed.

Our preschoolers are exposed to a variety of activities – weekly swimming, walks and outside play time, field trips and extra programming from community resources gives each youth the opportunity to try something new.

We are proud that over the past 5 years, 100% of our preschool graduates have tested to be prepared for Kindergarten.

Children are screened for vision, hearing, speech, and developmental skills so that all are prepared and ready for school. The preschool program also includes yearly pre and post-tests. We are proud to be a Preschool for All center. The pre-kindergarten competencies parallel ISBE Learning Standards and goals developed by the Illinois Counseling Association in cooperation with Illinois State Board of Education, to ensure all children are prepared for grade school.

As a part of the Preschool For All Program, preschool students and their families are invited to come to monthly family nights during the school year. These events are a great way to see your child’s classroom, meet other families, and to learn more about what the children are learning each day.