Heart Healthy Diet Registration

Heart Healthy Diet Registration
Eating today for heart health is a far cry from what your grandparents ate.  Join Dr. Teresa Pangan of UnityPoint-Trinity as she speaks on heart healthy nutrition! This mindful experience is for everyone – join us as we explore ways to show our hearts love through what we eat. We will touch on meal prep, what to eat when you’re in a rush, and how your diet can factor into your heart health! Dr. Pangan is known for engaging audiences with her hands on approach focused on fun and easy to implement living tips. She understands people lead super busy lives and eat for taste first. Don’t believe the myth you have to sacrifice taste for health.  Dr. Pangan is on staff at Cardiac Rehab for UnityPoint Trinity and teaches a cooking series called Cooking with Heart.  She is passionate about helping people get more living out of life by boosting their health.  Light appetizers will be provided.

There is no cost to members, and nonmembers can pay just $15.  Please sign up via the form below, and pay if you are not a member.

Doors Open at 5:30
Program starts at 6:15 PM