YWCA is on the Move

YWCA is on the Move

ONE $9 million goal and ONE 38,000 sq ft state-of-the-art facility

will allow MORE Success Stories

STRONGER TOGETHER | At YWCA Quad Cities, we are eliminating racism and empowering leaders. We are striving to create opportunities for growth, leadership, and power in order to attain a common vision: peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all people. 

Through our capital campaign we will continue to get up and do the work until injustice is rooted out, until institutions are transformed, until the world sees people the way we do: Equal. Powerful. Unstoppable.

Our power comes from the individuals and families we serve. We move justice out of our doors and into the power structures that determine the future.


 Our NEW 38,000 sq ft state-of-the-art facility will…

MAKE OUR COMMUNITY STRONGER.Located near bus routes, bridge routes and within the heart of downtown Rock Island, this new facility will give everyone in the Quad Cities access to one-of-a-kind services that promote a strong and unified community.

HELP MORE FAMILIES FEEL SECURE.A new facility means more room to house our growing preschool and daycare children in a safe and secure environment. Parents will feel confident dropping their little ones off while they are at work knowing we have the tools in place that no only create a consistent and educational environment, but also stimulate lifelong learning.

CREATE MORE SOCIAL CONTACT.Complete with a family-friendly lap pool, indoor/outdoor slide, lazy river, party area and more, this new indoor aquatic center will become a true destination and necessity for a community surrounded by water.

HELP EMPOWER PARENTS. Our preschool and daycare help parents feel confident that their child is being taken care of in a loving and nurturing environment. Additionally, our Teen Parent Center empowers young moms by giving them the opportunity to continue their education with accessible daycare at their own high school.

PROVIDE A SAFER AND MORE EMPOWERING PLACE FOR YOUTH.Our new facility will allow us to create more opportunities, including meals, job skill training, and an overall safe place for youth to hang out at the new and improved theplace2b youth center.

At YWCA Quad Cities, it’s time for REAL CHANGE. We invite you to help us continue to create beautiful futures right here in our own Quad Cities community. Let’s join forces and keep our collective commitment to justice in our community strong through programs and services. To do this, WE NEED YOUR HELP. We need our CONTINUED giving, support and advocacy. TOGETHER, we can do the work, stay committed to improving downtown Rock Island and the entire Quad Cities community, and become a launch pad for more economic growth to change lives for the better. Won’t you take a moment and consider how YOU WILL HELP US continue to create beautiful futures through our capital campaign?  Your donation will go directly to help fund our new home in downtown Rock Island and the programs and services that change lives for generations to come.  For more information on donating, contact Deanna Woodall, Vice President-Development & Growth at dwoodall@qcywca.org OR 563.340.0310.

A message from our Co-Chairs:

“As we Quad Citizens work to continue to advance the vision of Q2030, it is important to continue to build up ALL the Quad Cities. This project allows us to continue improvements in Rock Island in parallel with the new bridge in Bettendorf/Moline, as well as the continued development of downtown Davenport. YWCA Quad Cities has a valuable mission related to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. In our opinion, this is exactly what the world needs more of right now, and it is critical for continuing to improve the social fabric of our bi-state community. A new facility will allow this great organization to enhance and expand its mission right where it is needed. Most, while acting as a beacon for Rock Island on its developmental journey into the future.”

Rob Woodall

Aaron Tennant